Green Mountain Diapers Unboxing

I have known I wanted to cloth diaper my children way before I even began seriously thinking about actually having kids. I had used cloth menstrual pads for some time so it seemed like a logical step forward. Once I hit 12 weeks in my pregnancy I gave myself the go ahead to purchase my very first baby related item; cloth diapers! Let’s start with the unboxing!

The package. 

I ordered my diapers from Green Mountain Diapers. I’ve heard only good things about the company so I felt confident that the products were going to be high quality and I wasn’t disappointed. 

My package came in over the weekend and I just got around to opening it this morning. I was really surprised that they were able to get so much in such a small bag. Kudos to them for reducing packaging materials.  

Here we go. The contents!

I ordered:

  • a dozen,”newborn”, non-bleached Cloth-eez prefold  diapers
  • Thirsties duo wrap cover with snaps, size 1
  • an organic Cloth-eez workhorse fitted diaper, newborn size
  • Snappi diaper fasteners
  • a free set of diaper safety pins

I also got a quick start guide that I admittedly didn’t read and is now 100% lost. So I really can’t tell you what was on it. My bad. 

First out of the bag are the prefolds. 

With the GMD, the size of the prefolds determines the color of the stitching and because this is a newborn size, the stitching here is orange. A quick note about the stitching: it’s solid. I imagine these prefolds last a long time. 

Here’s a view if the flip side of the tag. 

Alright. The rest of the contents came in a separate plastic bag. 

The closures; one set of snappis, by snappi baby and a set of pins, which came free. 

The workhorse diaper is so. freaking. cute. The fabric is so soft. They use the same concept with the stitching as with the prefolds; orange stitching to differentiate the size, this one being a newborn size. It comes with multiple snaps to better fit baby. 

Better view of the snaps. Don’t ask me what the one backwards snap is all about, I have no idea. Maybe for a tighter fit? 

Here a a view of the inside. 

And a back view. 

Ekkk! I love these. They are adorable. These are the Thirsties dup wrap cover with snaps…the cactus print, of course. 

Here is a better view of all the snaps. This is a size 1 so it should fit baby from birth until 15-18lbs. 

Ok, that’s everything. I say it was a success for my very first baby purchase! I happy with all the items that I bought. Everything seems to be top notch quality but only time will tell!! 

Have you used Green Mountain Diapers? How do you like them?

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Natural gifts to get your child this Christmas(0-12m), 2016

I love buying baby toys. I don’t have kids yet but I do have 2 nieces, a nephew, and 2 godchildren. So I use them as an excuse to shop for cute kid toys. One of the unfortunate things about our world is that a lot of children toys contain harmful chemicals and are made from questionable plastics. One day, when you kids are grown those plastic toys will be thrown away and spend hundreds of years in a landfill attempting to decompose. This is the reason why I like to shop as natural as possible especially with baby items. At this age, babies don’t care if the toy isn’t painted in bright colors or that it isn’t from her favorite tv show. This gives you an opportunity to get gifts that are function, cute, natural, and 100% parent approved. Below are a few finds from around the interweb that will make a wonderful Christmas gift for your child. 

Wooden Toys

Tiny Foxhole Etsy Shop

Organic wooden teethers

These are adorable! These teethers are made from organic wood and treated with a nontoxic linseed oil, also called flaxseed oil. This etsy maker has so many other animal teethers like whales, hedgehogs, bunnies, birds, moose, and a little sheep. Like other wooden products, these can not put in the dishwasher. Simply hand wash with mild soap and reseal with oil (like olive, coconut or avocado oil).    

PumpkinsPlaythings Etsy Shop 

A wood rattle, wooden crochet teething toy, and an egg and cup set

One thing I love about these is the mixture of wood and fabric. Each piece is hand sanded and sealed with organic beeswax and coconut oil. The teething ring features a 100% cotton yarn bunny ears which are adorable. The yarn is not dye free so please take that into consideration. 

Mountain House Natural Etsy Shop

Wooden toy assorted gift set

These are a great practical set of toys. Each piece is hand rubbed with organic olive oil and local organic bees wax to give it that finished look. You can rest assured that there are no hidden toxins used in these baby toys. 

Stuffed Animals 


Juliette Rabbit – Organic Stuffed Animal
Oliver Mouse – Organic Stuffed Animal

Oompa is a natural children toy brand with a wide variety of options. These little guys are from the Hazel Village Collection and are by far the cutest ones in my opinion. It might be difficult to get these as a few seem to be sold out but there are enough characters that you shouldn’t have a problem finding one in stock. These animals are made of organic fleece and jersey and stuffed with a hypoallergenic polyfill. One thing I wish was different about these stuffed animals was that the stuffing was different. I wished they used a natural material like cotton or wool stuffing. Remove the characters clothing to make them save for children under 3.    

Bears for Humanity (Top pick)

Organic baby sherpa teddy bear

This bear looks so soft. This creme baby sherpa bear is made of 100% GOTS organic cotton, is handmade in the USA, and  is filled with recycled materials. One great thing that this company does is for every bear purchased they donate a bear to a child in need. They also follow a global fair trade policy and employ at risk women in their welfare-to-work program which makes this item my top pick. The is definitely a company to stand behind. This little guy is only 12″ tall but they also have a larger 16″ bear. This company also has other organic stuffed animals including a hilarious looking stuffed animal shark.  

I hope this helps!

What is your favorite natural children’s toy?


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