erika-christopher-longHello and welcome to my natural living blog!

I created this blog to express my love for science, healthy choices, and, of course, living a more natural way of life!

My (Blog) Story

I was a very sickly child. I had painful, chronic, ear infections that resulted in years of antibiotics and surgery every 2 years. I’m not religious, but I remember as a child lying in bed, crying, praying for God to take my ears away becuase I could no longer handle the pain. As I grew older, I developed irritable bowel syndrome, lichen sclerosus, eczema, and countless chemical allergies. By the time I hit high school I gone through 7+ surgeries, 7 cumulative  years on antibiotics spread over a 15 year period, months of estrogen and steroid treatments, and a whole lot of pain. And the scary part in all of this was that everyone went along like this was normal. 

As I grew older, I developed irritable bowel syndrome, lichen sclerosus, eczema, and countless chemical allergies.

Nobody looked into why I had so many health problems. Why, at 4 years old, I required estrogen treatments. Why I got sick, almost unable to move, every time I ate. These, multiple, chronic autoimmune disorders have become so common place that doctors don’t even bat an eye when they see my health history. This is a problem. So many people across the world are suffering from chronic autoimmune conditions and we just don’t know why. 

I spent years attempting to cure myself of these conditions through diet alone. I’ve gone vegetarian, then vegan, then switched to paleo, and then watched loads of food documentaries and went on whatever diet they swore by. I’ve done it all and I can tell your that these diets don’t work alone. You need to find, not only what diet works for your body, but also, a lifestyle change is needed to reduce the load on your system. You need to get the toxins out of your food and out of your home. What works for me? A little bit of paleo, a little of keto, and a dash of bits and pieces from other diets and lifestyles.

The underlying message here is to make your life and your diet as close to nature as possible.   

My journey to health has lead me here.

Taking air flow measurements at the University of CA, San Diego (UCSD)
Taking air flow measurements at the University of CA, San Diego (UCSD)

To this blog, with you guys!!!

My natural lifestyle has given me control of my conditions and has allowed me the freedom to live a normal life. I’m not saying that this lifestyle will cure you. I will not make that claim. What I am saying is that my conditions are no longer spinning out of control. I can go about my day without suffering. Heck! I can spend my day without even thinking about my conditions. I am still on this journey to cure my diseases but I want to share what I have learned so far. 

About the blog

So what does natural mean?

It means all sorts of things. Everyone and their mother has their own definition of what they define as natural living. This is my definition: 

If it doesn’t occur naturally in nature, or if I can’t make it myself (without turning into a mad scientist), then it’s not natural. 

Science-based Articles

This blog is science-based. I try to use reputable/primary sources, such academic journals and government databases, when I write my blog posts. Why do I do this? Becuase I want to offer information that you can trust and information that has scientific backing. There is a lot of static and miss-information out their on the internet and I want to cut through all that. If you have any questions about any of my articles or if you would like my primary sources then please feel free to contact me.

My (Personal) Story

Well, lets start with my name. My name is Erika. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA in the beautiful town of La Jolla, surviving on burritos and beaches. I spent my summers laying on the sand, swimming in the ocean, and nursing sunburns until I left the beach for a life of textbooks, stress, and science. I went to college at the University of California, San Diego {UCSD} and graduated with an environmental engineering degree. I have worked on environmental legislation, conducted research on the pollution of our coastlines, and volunteered studying the water quality here in San Diego. I’ve done a lot of cool things during my time in college but by far the best thing that happened to me was meeting my husband, Christopher. I met him on our first day chemistry lab. I walked in the door, scanned for the cutest guy in the room, took the seat next to him, and started a conversation. I don’t know what came over me;I am usually very, very, shy. On our 4th date I knew he was the man I was going to marry and so I patiently waited for the proposal which came on March 23, 2015. A little over a year later on March 26, 2016 we got married, about 4 years since that first day in chemistry. 

We live in a humble little house with our 2 cats, Brynn and Lyla. I like to spend my free time on my many hobbies which are sailing, snowboarding, reading and, of course, blogging.