Reduce “messy house” anxiety with my home cleaning schedule [+ Free PDF]

I don’t know about you but I get really anxious when my house is a mess. My mind starts spinning a bit out of control and I become too overwhelmed to do anything productive at home. All I can think about is how messy my house is but I’m too overwhelmed by the mess to actually find a place to start cleaning. A part of controlling autoimmune diseases is controlling the stress and anxiety in your life. When your mind becomes stressed so does you body and when your body is stressed it releases all sorts of hormones that will mess with your health.  

The best way I have found to keeping my home clean and organized (and my stress level down) is to schedule out a routine. I have a daily cleaning schedule for rooms that get used the most and then I have a day specific chore every day of the week. 

This is my cleaning routine as of today. As you can tell, the kitchen is cleaned daily and that’s because it gets demolished daily. Don’t ask me how. It just happens. Haha!

I made a simple pdf printout for you to use to start scheduling a cleaning routine for your home. Just fill it out and stick it on your fridge! You’ll probably rework  your routine 1,000,000 times and don’t fret if you slack off a few days. The world will keep spinning if your mirrors don’t get cleaned one week. Remember, this is suppose to reduce your stress and anxiety not make it worse!

>>>>>>Click here to start download<<<<<

Have any tips to share about reducing “messy house” anxiety? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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